Work and Energy
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Power Points                   

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  Work and Energy           


1. Work Done by a Constant Force

Work Text-Book

Introduction Energy

Kinetic Energy

Definition of Work

Example 1

Example 2

2. Kinetic Energy and the Work-Energy Theorem

Kinetics Energy and Work Energy Theorem Text-Book

Work and Energy Work Energy Theorem

Potential Energy


Example 1

Work Energy  
3. Gravitational Potential Energy Text-Book          
4. Conservative Forces and Potential Energy Text-Book          
5. Non-Conservative Forces Text-Book          
6. Conservation of Energy

Conservative Energy Text-Book

Conservation of Energy Power

Mechanical Energy


13. conservation of Energy   

Conservative Forces Chapter 6

6.5 -> 6.7

7. Power Text-book          
8. Examples of Power in the World Text-Book          
9. Work Sheet


Work/Energy with Friction   Work and Potential Energy

Example 1

Example 2


Conservation of Energy Chapter 6

6.8 -> 6.10

10. Summary Text-Book          
 5.  Test         Practice Questions   


Unit Title

Khan Video

Short Video


Multi-Media Text Book Section
1. Temperature and Thermal Effects

Thermo 1

Thermo 2

Temperature 45 Temperature and Gas Laws Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Chapter 14

14.1 ->14.5

2. Ideal Gas Law and Kinematics Theory

Thermo 3

Thermo 4

Thermo 5



  Ideal Gases Chapter 13

13.6 -13.8

3. Latent Heat and Changes of State


Kinetic and Potential Energy of Gasses 46 Engines of Nature Heat Transfer

Specific Heat

Chapter 14

14.7 -> 14.9

4. First Law of Thermodynamics

   First Law

Conservation of Energy   Laws of Thermodynamics Chapter 15

15.1 -> 15.3

5. Second Law of Thermodynamics I


2nd Law Thermodynamics

47 Entropy Ideal Gases Chapter 15

15.4 -> 15.5

6. Second Law of Thermodynamics II

   More on Entropy


Thermal Expansion

     Chapter 15

15.6 -> 15.11




Thermal Review of PV Diagrams


Work From Expansion

   PV Diagram

Internal Energy

Measurement of Heat


Practice Questions

Practice Questions
Practice Questions
8. Test

Carot Engine 1

Carnot Engine 2

Carnot Engine 3