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Summer Practice Sheets


Required Workbook: AP Calculus AB/BC (Kaplan) ISBN: 0743265750

Optional Workbook: Harcourt Brace Calculus, 0-15-601556-0


Calculator:   You will be provided one. If you would like to purchase one: 

                        Good: TI-83+

                        Best   : TI-89 Titanium

Unit Title Solutions
1. Pre-Calculus Practice Test Solutions
2. TI-83 Help,   Regression on TI 83  
3. Pre-Calculus Topic Website (This is a great site to visit)  
4. Pre-Calculus Study Page (Another great site to review)  
5. Absolute Value  
6. 3 years of math pdf download (contains 25 pages)  
  Trigonometry Identities