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Power of Ideas
Major breakthroughs in theoretical physics are often marked by unifications in our understanding, either of the forces of nature (as in the case of Maxwell) or of our conceptual frameworks – our paradigms.   Historically, each of these unifications has led to profound benefits for humanity, as we absorb its ramifications and discover creative ways to apply our newfound power.  In some cases (especially electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, special relativity and Newtonian gravity) the impact on technology, the economy, and society has been so vast and far reaching as to be virtually incalculable.  In all cases, most of the benefits were completely unforeseen.  It was only known that “this is going to be big.”

The Power of Ideas is an interactive learning module designed to help you understand these paradigm shifts – exactly what about our conceptual frameworks was unified, and the transformative effect it has had on our world.

The Power of Ideas
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Ideas make the world go round. And many of the most potently beneficial are born of science, especially theoretical physics.  That’s because theoretical physics seeks to understand at the deepest level what the universe is made of and how it works.  The better we understand nature the more potent our ideas to shape the world we live in will be.  This understanding also lays the foundation for many other branches of science to build on, and in turn generate powerful ideas of their own.