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Alice and Bob in Wonderland
Are you ready to question reality? Join Alice & Bob in nine fun-filled, animated adventures as they wonder about the world around us. Discover with them that it is sometimes the simplest questions that lead us to the most profound insights into the nature of our amazing universe. Be forewarned - these episodes may turn some of your ideas of reality upside down!

About Alice
Alice is the newest member of PI's Outreach team. She brings a lovable if not precocious personality and is always brimming with curiosity. Why is it dark at night? What keeps us stuck to the Earth? Why can't we walk through walls? Alice seeks answers in sixty seconds or less and shares her wonder for discovery with everyone she meets.



About Bob
Bob is Alice's slightly older brother. He's boyishly lanky and fun loving. Despite having more education than Alice, he doesn't look at life too deeply and tends to seek easy answers. Bob needs to think more outside the box - something his little sister challenges him to do. Bob shows potential, but unless he uses more imagination, his sixty seconds of fame at PI may soon be up.

Where does Energy come from?



What keeps us stuck to the Earth?



How can Atoms exist?



Is that Star really there?




 Why can't we walk through Walls?




How does a Flashlight Work?




Can we travel through Time?




Why is it Dark at Night?




Why doesn't the Moon Fall Down?