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1. Extreme Values of Functions (1) Critical Points

First Derivative Test

Second Derivative Test

Increasing and Decreasing

  Intermediate Value Theorem Worksheet 4.1 Worksheet 4.1 Solutions
2. Mean Value Theorem MVT   Mean Value Theorem and Related Rates    
3. Connecting f' and f''  with f and graphing – Large Lesson Sketching Graphs

Graphing I

Horizontal Asymptotes Worksheet 4.3

Handout 4.3

4.   Horizontal Asymptote

Vertical Asymptote

Slant Asymptote


Graphing II Curve Sketching Worksheet 4.5  
5.     Graphing III

Graphing IV

  Worksheet 4.6  
6. Optimization (Large Lesson) On a Closed Range


Rectangle in Semi-Circle

Rectangle in Triangle


Cylinder in Sphere

Printed Page

Closest Distance between Point and Line

Optimization 1st Derivative Test

Handout 4.6

Worked Examples

Handout 4.6 Solutions

7. Velocity Position Function


Velocity 2nd Derivative Test Worksheet 4.8 Worksheet 4.8 Solutions
      Linear Approximations Extreme Values Practice Questions Solutions
8.       Problems



9. Linearization and Newton’s Method Linear Approximation


Newton's Method

Newton's Method and Linearization


Newton's Method Worksheet 4.9 Worksheet 4.9 Solutions
10. Estimating Change and Rolle’s Theorem Rolles Theorem     Worksheet 4.10 Worksheet 4.10 Solutions
11. Related Rates (1) Distance between Airplane



Water Tank


Related Rates

Related rates

Worksheet 4.11

Handout 4.11

Worksheet 4.11 Solutions

Handout 4.11 Solutions

12.   Marginal Cost   AP Question Practice Questions Solutions
14. Review