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0. Instantaneous Rate of Change. Definition

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

1. Limit Definition of Derivative Limit Definition

Derivative Definition 1

 Derivative Definition 2

Derivative Equation of Normal Line

Equation of Tangent Line

Worksheet 3.1

Handout 3.1

Practice 3.1

Worksheet 3.1 Solutions



2. Differentiability     Definition of Derivative Worksheet 3.2 Worksheet 3.2 Solutions
3. Derivative Rules Product Rule Derivative Rules Power


Product (3+)



Chain Rule with Power Rule

Chain Rule with Product Rule

Chain rule with Quotient Rule


4. Derivative Rules Examples (1) Derivative Rules    

Handout 3.4



5. Derivative Rules Examples (2) Chain Rule

Chain Rule


Handout 3.5

6. Derivative Rules Examples (3)       Handout 3.6  
7. Derivative Rules Proof of Power Rule     Worksheet 3.7 Worksheet 3.7 Solutions
8. Derivative Rules Polynomials     Handout 3.8  
9. Velocity and Acceleration     Vertical Tangent lines

Handout 3.10


10. Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Trig Limits

Trig Derivatives


Chain Rule with Trig

Handout 3.11 Handout 3.11 Solutions
11. Derivatives of Inverse Functions


More Derivative Rules   Worksheet 3.12 Worksheet 3.12 Solutions
12. Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions Inverse Trig Inverse Functions Inverse Trig Handout 3.12 Handout 3.12 Solutions
13. Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Exp and Log



Logarithm Laws

14. Optional     Hyperbolic

Inverse Hyperbolic

15. Implicit Differentiation



Implicit II

Implicit III

Implicit Implicit

Implicit and Tangent Line

Implicit and Second Derivative

Worksheet 3.14 Worksheet 3.14 Solutions
16. Review

Higher Order

    Review 1

Review 2

17. Review       Inverse Functions

Exploring inverse