Limits and Continuity
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1. Rate of Change and Limits

Limits and Graphs

Limits Limit Concept Worksheet 2.1

Handout 2.1

Worksheet 2.1 Solutions


2. Indeterminate Forms

Calculating Limits


Limit Example 1 (Factoring)

Limit Example 2 (Difference of Squares)

Limit Example 3 (Difference of Cubes)

Limit Example 4 (Sum of Cubes)

Limit Example 5 (Variable Substitution)

Limit Example 6 (Conjugate)

Limit Example 7 (Combination)

Limit Example 8 (Difference of Cube Roots)

Limit Example 9 (Absolute Value)

Worksheet 2.2 Worksheet 2.2 Solutions
3. Limits involving Infinity   Algebra of Limits Limit Example 10 (infinity minus infinity)

Limit Example 11 (infinity with a quotient)

Limit Example 12 (infinity with a Cosine)

Worksheet 2.3

Asymptotes 2.3

Worksheet 2.3 Solutions


4. Continuity


Continuous Functions Continuity

Continuity Example 1 (Quotient)

Continuity Example 2 (infinite)

Continuity Example 3 (Piecewise)

Continuity Example 4

Worksheet 2.4 Worksheet 2.4 Solutions
5. Rates of Change and Tangent Lines

Average Rate of Change Intro

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Slope and Derivative

Rates of Change   Worksheet 2.5 Worksheet 2.5 Solutions
6. Epsilon and Delta     Epsilon/Delta

Precise Definition

Finding Delta

Worksheet 2.6

Handout 2.6

Worksheet 2.6 Solutions


7. Review       Pre Test Pre Test Solutions
        Squeeze Theorem

Squeeze with inequality

Limit Practice  
          More Limit Practice