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MDM4UI                       Course Outline                            Sept 2008


Curriculum:             The Ontario Curriculum Grades 11 and 12: Mathematics 2000

Text:                        Mathematics of Data Management, Nelson


This course broadens studentsí understanding of mathematics as it relates to managing information. Students will apply methods for organizing large amounts of information; apply counting techniques, probability, and statistics in modeling and solving problems; and carry out a culminating project that integrates the expectations of the course and encourages perseverance and independence. Students planning to pursue university programs in business, the social sciences, or humanities will find this course of particular interest.


Evaluation:            70% is based on tests, quizzes, assignments

                                 30% is based on the summative project.


                        Unit 1                       Probability                                               12 Periods

                        Unit 2                       Counting Techniques                          12 Periods

                        Unit 3                       Analyzing Data                                       9 Periods

                        Unit 4                       Probability Distributions                       12 Periods

                        Unit 5                       Matrices and Graph Theory                 7 Periods

                        Unit 6                       Collecting Data                                       8 Periods

                        Unit 7                       Working with Excel/Fathom                 7 Periods

                        Unit 8                       Organizing and  Displaying Data     12 Periods

                        Unit 9                       E-Learning Module                                12 Periods

                        Unit 10                    Presentations