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  Electric Charges and Electric Fields            
1. Electric Charge and the Electrical Structure of Matter  Electro-statics 1 Electric Charge 28. Static Electricity Coulomb's Law
2. Electric Forces: Coulomb's Law Electro-statics 2 Coulomb's Law       
3. Electric Forces Worksheet (17A,B,C)           
4. Electric Fields (Gauss' Law)

  Electric Field 29. The Electric Field Electric Fields
5. Electric Field Worksheet (17D)           
6. Fields in and on Conductors - the effect of Dielectric Materials          
7. Electric Potential 1.


Electric Potential Energy Electric Potential 30. Potential Electric Potential  
8. Electric Potential 2   Electric Potential Energy (Calculus)        
9. Force, Field, and Equipotential Surfaces     28. Static Electricity   
10. Electric Potential Worksheet (18A)

Electric Potential Energy Worksheet (18B)

11. The Millikan experiment: Determining the Elementary Charge


    31. Voltage   
12. The Motion of Charged Particles in Electric Fields           

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Magnetic Fields

Magnetism 1

Magnetism 2

Magnetic Fields 34. Magnetism Fields on Wires
2. Magnetic Forces 1

Magnetism 3 Magnetic Domain

Lorentz Force


Magnetic Forces Worksheet


  Magnetism 4      Force on Charge
4. Magnetic Force of a Conductor Magnetism 5 Right Hand Rule 35. Magnetic Field Force on Wires
5. Ampere's Law Magnetism 6 Ampere's Law      

Magnetic Forces Worksheet


  Magnetism 7      
7. Electromagnetic Induction I  Magnetism 8 Induction Main



37. Induction Electromagnetic
8 Electromagnetic Induction II   Electric motors1

Electric motors2


9. Electric Generators / Transformers   Electric motors3 Lenz's Law     
10. Self Inductance   Induced Current Transformers      

Magnetic Forces Worksheet