Circular Motion
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Power Points
Circular Test                   

Unit Title Khan Video Video Shorts Video Multi-Media Text Book Section Homework
1. Centripetal Motion Proof


Centripetal 1 Rotation and Revolution    Uniform Circular Motion   Section 3.1 Questions 3-6
2. Centripetal Motion Examples


Centripetal 2   9. Moving in Circles    Section 3.2 Questions 2-7

Assignment #5

Due on Test #2

3. Centripetal Motion Work Period.

Handout 7G

Centripetal 3 Rotational Speed             
4. Centripetal Motion -Work Period

Handout 7H

  Centripetal Force

Centrifugal Force

5. Universal Gravitation     8. The Apple and the Moon      

Section 3.3

Questions 3-5
6. Satellites and Space Stations Space Station

Station in Orbit

Simulated Gravity    Orbits and Planets Section 3.4 Questions 3-5
7. Work Period and review for unit test

Handout 7I

Loop Question

Ans 1

Ans 2

       Practice Questions     Practice Test


8. Work Period  and review for unit test          Practice Questions       
9. Test